Pacesetter Holiday Bazaar

JJ Pearce Pacesetter Holiday Bazaar

Who doesn't like the chance to win great prizes??

Our Sweepstakes tickets sell for

$1/each or 6 for$5

We have hundreds of prizes and generally draw winning tickets every 30 minutes while the bazaar is open.

Tickets are on sale !!  All Pacesetters have sweepstakes tickets to sell.  Tickets are for sale at all JJ Pearce football games.  Tickets are also for sale at the door of the JJ Pearce Pacesetter Bazaar or the Sweepstakes Booth during the hours the Bazaar is open.

Click the button below to see a sample of some of the prizes we have so far this year - prizes are added everyday and even up to the last minute.  We will list some of the wonderful prizes you may win, but you have to buy a ticket to have a chance.